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  We were born there

  In the mist, in the bushes,

  in Lamego, in N'Gola

  and everywhere were there Toorraz.

  We did not exist.

We were devils under the trees,

in the Forest.

And we killed and we died.

Black and White,

we raised hell easily.

Here and there.

All together we created no men’s land and burned.

Our aim: kill and destroy, run and hide.

We were kunhamas, Celts,

Her Heros, ki-kongo's and Moo-kan-kalas,

Hō-vee-boon-dō and Bush-ki-men too,

Heroes and martyrs.


We were Bay-loon-dō and Mah-lang-yin-oz,

We were Portugal’s second class citizens,

and soldiers of fortune.


We fought under a code, with ethics,

Better than "Semper Fidelis"

And under the leadership of Blessed Row

We were heroes and dolphins,

We were murderers and warriors…

We were…




Autor ©: Peter Lee Dolphein, February 2002

Painting ©: Peter Lee Dolphein, 01 August 2007


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