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Want to see you smile

Want to tease you

With my

Black leather jacket.

Don't wanna see you

Cry and scream and shout

When I dress my

Black leather jacket.

I know I ain't

No good bird,

I know you deserve better.

But if iím as nasty

As you say

How come you always

Come back for more

When I dress

My black leather jacket?

Iím a scar in your skin

And a spike in your heart

But iím here to stay

With my

Black leather jacket.

And you know this is true

And I know

I don't have to beg

'cause you always show

How twisted

And how creepy

You become

When I dress myself in

My black leather jacket...




Autor ©: Peter Lee Dolphein

Braga/Portugal, 27th November 2007


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