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I heard it


About the existence

Of that boulevard.


I knew

There was pain

Because those children

Had a natural stepmother

And sometimes

Nature can be

Very cruel...


But GOD was there

Like HE always does

And HE sent an ANGEL

Among us.


The name was

Mr. Happy.


He always be remembered

Because the work

He left us

Show the love

There was

In his heart,

In his hands...

And GOD knows

He was a good Man.


Every morning

I climb

The mountain

But the pain

They talked about

Seems now different

And it starts to fade

When I get there

And smile

For those lost children

With people who care

And keep alive the dream

Of Mr. Happy


At the Black-Thouty Boulevard

Where the birds sing

The green song

About Mr. Happy's Dream.

Yeah, like Martin

He did also have a Dream.


By the way,

If you want to say

The Latin word for Happy

You just use the expression:





Autor ©: Peter Lee Dolphein, Braga, April 2nd 2008

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