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Feel so fool

Staring at you

Every Saturday night

At that démodé bourgeoisie bar


Wanna get happy

Have a nice time with you

And touch you

And make love to you


But you see,

Dolphins and Squirrels

Do not mix together


We're both of a kind


You with your slidish and peculiar

Way of living and looking around

And me with this starvation for life

And love.


We do not mix together

Although we could be lovers

Why don't we run and give each other

A chance?

I guess we both know why,

Don't we, precious one?

Pretty babe face of mine,

Strange karma,

Pain of us.



Autor ©: Peter Lee Dolphein, 10 February 2002

Painting ©: Peter Lee Dolphein, 06 September 2007


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