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..."Cruel Lady"...


My faith is donne

`Cause I met this girl.

My story is a Dolphin tale

Something you’d never heard

And now I’m about to let you know

How did it happened

How did it grew

This strange tale

This unusual love

That makes me suffer

That makes me scream

And wish

Never be

Anything else

But a foolish lover

Of this strange woman.


When I met her

I was a boy

With glitter eyes of happiness.

Now I’m a Man

With tears rolling down

Across my bleeding Soul.


One day

She looked at me and she asked:” Are you gonna light my cigarette or I just have to beg?”

I remember thinking; “For you baby, I would burn at the stake”.

And then she said:” I need a man to fix the garden at the place I live.

There’s no need experience…I just need someone who knows how to take care of my roses.”


That’s how I knew

That she wanted me

To “take care of her Roses”.

I wished I’d never knew

Those roses

And those spiky thorns

That made bleed

My heart and soul.

One day I was gardening

Next day she gave me the key

And I had the role of a “Mandingo Boy”

Making her foolish dreams

About African Lust

To become true.

There was money to spend

And party nights


Expensive cars to drive

And Bank accounts to provide.

But I did not had

The love she promised to me when she said:

“I need you to take care of my roses.”

Time was passing by

Slowly but cruel

Like a winter storm

Of frozen white snow.

One day

I woke up

And looked myself

At the mirror.

I saw an old man

Deceived by the love

Of a mistress

With empty hands

And a Soul full of deception

Because one day

I met a woman

That took my Heart and Soul

Turning myself

A fool in her hands.

I was a fool…

I was a lover…

And if it happens for you to know

That Lady

Run like the wind

And never look back

Cause the name she uses is



Autor ©: Peter Lee Dolphein, Braga, March 15th 2008


“To be a Dolphin, is not a curse…  It’s a gift.”

“Dolphins do not get older … They just get better”

                                      Lee Dolph.








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