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The sun rises

And l listen the birds close enough...

Close to my tears.

Your soul screams and it makes me shiver

So deep, so warm and tenderly.


To be in love by someone like you

lt's hard, l can tell...

'cause l can not stand

If youVe sad or just upset

And l know there's nothing like it,

There's no one like you.


And it doesn't matter if they say

Bad thing's about you.


l don't give a damn

When they look jealous

To you and me

Hand in hand, walking by

Towards another dream

A tale of love... Our Love,                                   

And dreaming about the love we have

And the love they will never taste.


lt's a very unusual way to say l love you, baby.


lt's rather strange to feel this way

But l got to recognise

That your love is not secure

It is not the kiliing kind either.


lt's just... a Better love

Just because it comes from you,

Just because it is your love,

And l really need it to keep me


Moving on and feel myself alive.


Thank you, Isabeaux!




Autor : Peter Lee Dolphein, Braga, April 21st2008

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