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"No clouds in my dream!"...

Shining Sun and strong wind

they came to stay.

...And the radio on, out loud

Was screaming a hot song.

Something about...

Umbrella... H-H-H-H.

It was kind a Medley

And rappers were doin't.

Something about

A Dolphin boy

That used a strange toy,

And the toy was named



And it was freezing outside

And I saw people using them.

Blue and grey

They were willing to pay.

Dark and green

Like if they were teenagers

And they were singing

Something about... Umbrella---- Hll-Hll.

And there was this girl on the TV

Singing as well...Hll---Hll--Hll

And she said

Hard rains were about to fall

And we would need

To open them all

Those sharp and dark devices

That are called...

Umbrella... Hll-Hll------H-H-H...



Thank you, Rhyana! Lov D way u sing that Song!


Autor : Peter Lee Dolphein, Braga Janeiro 2009

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